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Atomic Cool Ultra Portable Compact Personal Space Cooler

Atomic Cool Ultra Portable Compact Personal Space Cooler

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How It Works
Each unit works so effectively due to its evaporative water filters that make use of H20 cool fusion technology. This means that your unit will suck in hot, stale, and dry air from the immediate environment and convert it into cool, moist air that'll make you feel much more comfortable. Each unit has the ability to cool down an area of up to 50 square feet for hours at a time, so even if you move your unit, some of its effects will linger.

Digital Thermostat Each Atomic Cool unit has a digital thermostat that you can adjust in order to control the exact temperature you'd like your immediate area to be. You'll also be able to choose whether you want the device's fan to blow at a low or high setting ( the high setting will likely cool you down faster, The thermostat operates via Fahrenheit temperatures.

This device is light and compact enough that almost anyone will be able to carry it around the house or even outside the home, and you may choose to use it in your vehicle. You may also find it useful beside your desk at your workplace, at the cottage, or in your RV.

Batteries or Electricity
You can choose whether you want to plug your unit into an electrical outlet or operate it by using batteries. If you're at home, using an electrical outlet may be fine, but if you're on the road, using batteries may be necessary. In the event that your power goes out in the summer, you'll also be able to continue to cool your home by using batteries in this unit.



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