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Self Cleaning Hair Brush

Self Cleaning Hair Brush

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Say goodbye to the struggle and annoyance of cleaning up hair residue manually.

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Normal hair brushes hold build-up, and hair which causes severe possible SCALP issues over time.

Not only do we have a self-cleansing feature, but our SOFT bristles will stimulate your scalp, creating circulation to promote and maintain HEALTHY, damage-free hair.

Self cleaning brush is soft and flexible bristles simulate a head massage to increase blood circulation. All of this while keeping your hair healthy and frizz free.

After brushing your hair, simply press the button on the backside of the hair brush

In doing so, the bristles are fully retracted into the brush, making hair removal as easy as just swiping your hand over the surface.


  • Suitable for Massage: Designed brilliantly to minimize pain and to protect hair against split ends and breakage, ergonomic, massage the scalp with each use, promote blood circulation, and keep you in motion.
  • High Quality: The bristles are long enough to massage the scalp, increasing circulation and helping healthy hair growth. The easy-to-use handle ensures it will never slip out of your hand.
  • For All Hair Types: Performs perfectly with straight hair, curly hair, thin hair, thick hair, damaged hair, wigs, and even extensions! Brushing is pain-free on both wet or dry hair with less breakage.


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