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HD TV DTV Box Digital TV Antenna 50 Mile Booster HD/Indoor Antenna

HD TV DTV Box Digital TV Antenna 50 Mile Booster HD/Indoor Antenna

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1.light as a feather,allows you to place it anywhere and no power required
2.match your home decoration,can be easily behind a picture,bookshelf or television and easy to set up-Unwrap,Plug it in and scan channels can put it on the wall,on the table or the window(strongly recommended)and it will make you enjoy watching crystal clear digital&HD shows with many opportunities.


1.placing the antenna higher or close to/in a window may result in better must rescan whenever you move the antenna.
2.if you use a flat HDTV,please go through your TV manual to make sure your TV comes with built-in tuner.
3.make sure you are using a HD recerive;otherwise no HD channels can be picked up. please read receiver manual. need to retune your TVs and digital receiver from time to ensure you are reseiving all available services.retuning takes only a few minites and can be done with your remote control.
5.TV reception capacity depends on the distance among your home,transmitting tower and surrounding environments.

 Package included:
1 * TV Antenna(without amplifier)

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